pufii hooded pullover sweatshirt blue

PUFFI – Fashion and Style, A well known Taiwanese brand that has changed the meaning of fashion for young women. Established in 2003, PUFFI was formerly founded as PUFFY. The brand itself and its products reflect quality and the style of new generation every time. The brand resonate the relaxed spirit of young women; PUFFI never misses an opportunity to impress you with their collection. All in all, if you’re looking for perfect daytime fashionable clothing, PUFFI is for you. Look no further.

Hooded Pullovers

Women are beautiful and hooded pullovers adds perfect blend of style and comfort to make you look unbelievably gorgeous and modish. The fabric is Cotton Poly Mix which is specially used for less creasing, harder wearing, absolutely non-shrinkable and highly comfortable. You need not to be hesitated for a hand wash. In fact, you can machine wash with laundry bag, dry cleaning too and an inside out wash is equally good. This fabric won’t let you down and will always make you look good, when you need it most!

Fashionable Colors

Colors are carefully picked for hooded pullovers and are available in dark gray and blue. Dark gray is a neutral, balanced, cool and conservative color without evoking strong emotion. If you would like to create a retro feel, hot pink would go very well with our dark grey color. Otherwise, you can always cool down a warm palette by adding rich reds and golden yellows. Gray is after all a color of brains and intellect!

Whereas, hooded pullover blue shade has always been a universally favorite color of both women and men. It is the most calming colors of all. Depends on what you wear with it, you always have the complete control to look steadfast and strong or just light and friendly. Easy on the eyes and remember, men likes blue too!

Order Now

Please refer to the size information for finding the best fit for you. If you want to dress modern and are searching for best quality hooded pullovers, this one is for you. For an extremely affordable price of only $40, you get the best fabric, superb stitching, amazing colors and comfortable to wear as well. Order now with FREE shipping and you’ll be wearing this within 7-14 days.  So what are you waiting for? You’re just a click away to “Add to Bag” button.


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