I Penny double breasted trench coat beige

This South Korea style coat is women’s wear. It’s long, down to the knees, and it has two rows of buttons. It suits well with a light-colored dress inside. The coat makes a woman look beautiful, noble, and graceful. You can keep the buttons fastened or undone while walking.

There is one color and three sizes available for this double-breasted trench coat. The color is Beige and the sizes are coded as 55, 66, and 77. Check out this product page for detailed measurement. The material of this coat is 50% cotton, 40% polyester, and 10% nylon. You can wash it with hands or dry clean it in a dry clean shop.

There are two vertical rows of buttons in the middle of the coat, and each pocket has one button. The buttons are big sized ones. The lower half of the coat is very similar to a skirt. It allows you to walk freely and gracefully when the buttons are fastened. If you want to buy the coat, you should choose the size or length depending on your height. The coat should reach the position a little higher than your knees, much like a half-clothes half-skirt wear. Since it’s a light colored coat, you would look perfect if you are carrying a white or silver handbag, too.

The fashion collector is I Penny. It’s a Korean company. You can check out other items from I Penny. They offer women’s jacket, coat, dress, blouse, pants, skirt, shoes, and bag, etc. All of them are in South Korea style. You’ll be amazed by their fabulous design.