dodostyle wool blend floral print dress with belt

Dodostyle needs no introduction and is the best seller fashion icon. Young girls look up to Dodostyle and it has totally captured the Asian fashion market. The fabric, designs, stitching and curves, each and everything is high quality and perfectly planned. With an electrifying collection of modern feminine style of clothing and urban-themed layered looks, Dodostyle has made its mark over millions.

Inspired from two fashion hulks in Asia, Japan and Korea, Dodostyle has left no opportunity to impress the young and trendy women who loves to mix and match different clothing styles.

Wool Blend Floral

Asian fashion is rich of vibrant colors that can instantly make you look trendy and stylish. When you talk about the Dodostyle brand, it re-emphasizes their importance once again with Wool Blend Floral. You can have a close look at the model wearing this product at the end of this article. If you’re looking to wear sleek urban fashion, wool blend floral are made for you.

Fantastic Fabric

Dodostyle has never compromised on quality and is very evident when you understand its fabric quality. This floral is made with a good mix of wool acrylic. Both wool and acrylic fabric has its own specialties and is mixed together carefully for getting the best product.

While wool is natural fiber directly from the sheep, Acrylic is synthetic. Using wool alone would make the product shrink as soon as it gets wet. On the other hand, Acrylic alone is not very comfortable at all. It holds moisture and body heat. Therefore, for release perspiration, using a proper mix of wool acrylic is considered best.

Vibrant Colors – Attractive Patterns

Colors can change mood and colors can change you!  When you are talking about clothes, design and colors are two major aspects of it. Wool blend floral comes in black and ivory color. One makes you look classy and other showcases you as a romantic queen.

If you want to dress modern and are searching for best quality wool blend floral, this one is for you. For an extremely affordable price of only $65, you get the best fabric, superb stitching, amazing colors and comfortable to wear as well. Order now with FREE shipping and you’ll be wearing this within 7-14 days.  So what are you waiting for? You’re just a click away to “Add to Bag” button.

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