korean women dress black

The stylish Korean dress is embellished with a neckline and decorated with shirrs in the front and in the back. This Korean style clothing for women has only one size and one color available. It’s black. The measurements are shown here. The dress is made from polyester and acrylic. You can wash it in water or dry clean it in a dry clean shop.

The dress is suitable for the situation of a dancing party. The design appeals to some stylish women, but some people may find it unattractive, because the style is out of mainstream. The neckline is embellished with silver color patterns. The front and back of the dress are shirred. The dress extends to the woman’s legs. The waist position is tied with an elastic band, so it adjusts according to the woman’s waist. The section below the waist is closer to a tiny skirt.

The two sleeves are half-transparent with net patterns. It looks like intertwined flowers or vines.  We can’t identify the plant pattern exactly, but maybe it’s a good thing. At least the pattern exudes the beauty of ambiguity.

You should pay attention to your hair style when you wear the dress. The hair style should match the dress. It may appear weird if your hair is scattered when you wear the dress.  Preferably you should wear your hair in a bun, and wear high-heeled shoes.

Dangolgage is a Korean company designing and selling a variety of women’s wear. But I find that their designs are peculiar and they exhibit a non-mainstream culture. But if it’s your favorite, it’s fine.

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