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CLICK is the go-to brand of all young, slim and petite girls. No one ever asks about the quality of Click products, they undeniably one of the best available Korean fashion clothes. Following upon the philosophy of fun with focus on feminist factor of fashion, Click has evolved to be the top brand with a big collection.

Speaking about the quality of products, Click’s entire collection except the swimwear line is manufactured in South Korea. They use excellent fabric, amazing designs, simple patterns, lovely cuts and are wonderful at adding a “Click” factor.

Simple is difficult. Click loves to keep their products simple, stick to the basics but mix them up with interesting twists. Such as plaid dresses with lace trim, skirts and trousers that work with elfin figures, and body-skimming jackets. If you’ve never wore Click, you should and you will love to wear more of Click’s brand.


Pan Collar Knit Dress

To put it simply, Click’s pan collar knit dress makes you look fashionable, trendy and sleek in a very sober and modern way. That too, without doing anything out of the box but rather sticking to the basics. Like every good brand, Click dresses are designed to keep in mind the comfort of consumer. Even if it is your first time to wear such dresses, you won’t feel uncomfortable. The fabric is a good blend of Acrylic. Using an Acrylic blend is important, as using acrylic alone would make you feel too hot. Since Acrylic holds heat and moisture. It becomes difficult for release perspiration.

Click Colors

Available in navy blue and black colors; these colors make anyone look professional and classy. Black is the considered to be absence of all colors, since all the colors are made from black and white. At the same time, Black always remains the king of all colors. Black color is prepared for unknown, opens the door to mystery and makes you look positive and dedicated. Whereas the navy blue shade is always calm. Whichever you choose, you are bound to feel and look great!


Order Details

Please refer to the size information for finding the best fit for you. If you want to dress modern and are searching for best quality pan collar knit dress, this one is for you. For an extremely affordable price of only $28.00, you get the best fabric, superb stitching, amazing colors and comfortable to wear as well. Order now with FREE shipping and you’ll be wearing this within 7-14 days.  So what are you waiting for? You’re just a click away to “Add to Bag” button.

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