style impact korean jacket

This Korean jacket is very suitable for casual wearing in spring and autumn. It’s a man’s single breasted jacket in South Korea style. It looks very nice when you wear a shirt inside. There are four pockets on the jacket, and their size is large enough to hold your cash, purse, and other belongings. You can choose from two colors and two sizes. The colors are Beige and Khaki, and the sizes are L (Large) and M (Medium). The jacket is made of cotton and polyester. You should only use hand to wash it. It means you cannot dry clean it in a dry cleaning shop.

Each of the upper pockets has one button. And there are three buttons in the middle. The buttons are in big size. There are several buttons on each sleeve, too, but they are smaller. When you are walking, it’s convenient to put your hand in the lower two pockets. The back side of the coat is swallow-tailed.

The jacket makes a man look really handsome, mature, and professional. The two colors serve the purpose very well. It’s important that you look at the colors in the pictures to get a feel of this jacket style. Since the jacket is single-colored, it fits with single-colored trousers, such as jeans.

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