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This vest comes from the visionary designer Kim Min Hee and it introduces a much more laid back look and feel for those who want to be comfortable in what they wear while looking their best at the same time. Right now these vests are very popular with both men and women’s fashion and it is highly recommended that anyone who likes keeping up with the latest in fashion gets one right away. When it comes to Korean fashion there is really no better piece of clothing to purchase right now than the HOTBOOM high-neck padded vest.


The material of this vest consists of 65% cotton and 35% polyester as can be dry-cleaned. It comes in one size and is guaranteed to fit most people who purchase it. Any man who wants to enhance their overall look and increase their attractiveness will certainly want to consider getting this particular vest; it is one of the latest and greatest in Korean fashion for men and is highly recommended for those who want a laid back but highly sophisticated look. The HOTBOOM high-neck padded vest is truly one of the more eye-catching and functional pieces in Korean clothing today.