GREEN BANANA is one of the modern names in menswear fashion industry. The Green Banana brand apparels are different from the rest. Their collection is inspired by ancient and classy oriental myths. GB has always been known for detailed silkscreen work.

Every brand has a flagship product/service; Green Banana takes pride in bringing Gothic artwork to life. With a vast collection of trousers, tops, headgear and jackets; they practically offer the best quality products at reasonable rates with an extremely satisfying modern design appeal. Something at times can’t be explained but you really have to experience its comfort, quality and aesthetic appeal.

Genuine Leather Single-Breasted Coat

Coats are savior in winters. No men feel complete without a genuine leather coat. Just like jackets, coats have special appeal and make a man look more strong, vibrant, tough and handsome. Especially when you’re talking about a Green Banana genuine leather single-breasted coat, you’re precisely talking about the best coat!

One Man, One Color

Men unanimously agree they love black color. Black is the color of men, facing challenges, handling problems and ready to face the unknown. You just can’t desire any other color than black for such a luxury modern wear.

Green Banana brings a very admirable shade of black, gray color. Gray suits best on breasted coat and makes men instantly look handsome and lovable. Women love men with strong muscular vibes and there is no better way to present yourself than a tough coat.

Genuine Leather

You might already know the benefits of genuine leather. Though, some are always worth mentioning. If you’ve had a bad experience wearing anything leather. That’s probably because you’ve not used genuine leather products yet.

For best quality of leather, it should be made from sheep and cow skin. Yes, genuine leather is non-shiny and will never stretch. Without a doubt, Green Banana coat uses the best quality of leather.

Grab It!

Please refer to the size information for finding the best fit for you. If you want to dress modern and are searching for best quality Genuine Leather Single – Breasted Coat, this one is for you. For an extremely affordable price of only US$928, you get the best fabric, superb stitching, amazing black color and comfortable to wear as well. Order now with FREE shipping and you’ll be wearing this within 7-14 days.  So what are you waiting for? You’re just a click away to “Add to Bag” button.

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