korean fashion 9th street drape front color block topThe Asian Fashion circuit is constantly on the radar of the western and European fashion world. In the recent years fashion dos from Korea have been making waves globally owing to their timeless appeal. These unique fashion concepts that are symbolic of Asia are now lapped up by the burgeoning fashion markets all over the world. The innovative ranges of designs from Korea owe their popularity to the flourishing Korean Street Fashion (KSF). Korean Street Fashion in turn has its source in Seoul, which is considered as South Korea’s fashion capital.

Thus, we see that the local markets in the Asian region have gained a high importance due to their appealing and attractive designs. Every design from the Korean Street Fashion has the potential to kick-start a trend, a fashion. Local stores everywhere now proudly exhibit clothing lines and accessories that belong to the Korean Fashion Street. Women’s sophisticated clothing, men’s casual wear, party wear, formal dresses, children’s apparel and many more categories of clothes and fashion accessories with a stamp of Korean Street Fashion seamlessly blend with different cultures around the world.

The Korean Street Fashion has strongly been influenced by the developments in the Chinese and Japanese fashion circuits. Big and small fashion houses frequently send their representatives to the centers of Korean Street Fashion and heavily borrow from the latest styles and patterns prevalent there. The ‘school girl’ look that has originated from the Korean Street Fashion is highly popular and adopted by numerous chic boutiques. The colorful, exotic and glittery patterns from this region are highly in demand all over.

korean-fashion-sha-2-shop-gradient-printed-long-sleeve-t-shirtThe Korean Street Fashion gives one a cutting edge over other styles. It has a potent combination of panache and affordability. The various ensembles exude a sense of confidence and attract eyeballs for their originality. The different outfits one can get hold on at the Korean Street Fashion scene are also appreciated for their comfort level. Budding Korean designers such as Richard Chai and Chung Doo-Ri have successfully blended their native styles with western designs and enriched the KSF quotient. Some outfits from the Korean Street Fashion distinctly bear the mark of the Korean dynasty.

Also shopping from the Korean Fashion streets is very convenient and easy. The web throws a variety of retailers who specialize in KSF. Being in the domain of street fashion, one can get their stuff at absolutely low prices as compared to the ones at big malls and stores. The KSF can be fully experienced at the o Myung-dong Street also known as the Mecca of Fashion. This is a shopper’s paradise and showcases the best in the world of fashion.

Fashionistas have now started to throng Korean Streets in search of show-stopping styles and couture. Models, actors and who’s who in the glamour industry now regularly flock to the Korean streets to satiate their hunger for chic fashion. The friendly atmosphere coupled with a true mix of fashions from different cultures and affordable prices make the Korean streets a haven for shoppers. Please check out below are some of the South Korea brand name clothing available: